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Sound Recorded in Space

Hello readers, Under the Milky Way Tonight Credit: Michele E. Gwynn/Artist/Author E.J. here, dropping in to check on you all and share something interesting I read. It seems NASA has, in addition to bringing us the most incredible images via the James Webb Telescope, now provided a recording of sound in space. Near a black hole, no less. I had a few thoughts of this ranging from tongue in cheek to philosophical followed by the best possible recommendation, of course. Regarding the existence of sound in space, the citizens of Shelion 5 knew this already! Space is alive. It breathes, in its own way. It is filled with stars being born, stars dying, suns spitting fire, and black holes devouring everything that gets caught in its gravitational field. It contracts, expands, and is seemingly endless. Yet, everything has a beginning and an end. Everything is contained within something else. This is the puzzle man cannot solve. How can anything not end? And how can anything go on forever? Sound

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